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The architect Dominique Perrault and the designer Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost designed this collection with the objective of it being utterly original, almost indescridable, nearly unbreakable, timeless and completely durable.

The IN THE TUBE collection comprises strong ideas, forms that are both free and constrained, and it comes in several lengths, diameters and colours.


Made in borosilicate glass and closed with aluminium stoppers sealed in silicon, the mountings are in stainless-steel which allow it to be used indoor and outdoor, as a suspension as well as on a wall or ceiling-mount.



IN THE TUBE diffuses a soft, filtered light that can be oriented by the movable mesh filter or by a reflector whose colour determines the light given off : stainless steel for a silver light, anonised aluminium for copper or gold.

The IN THE TUBE collection of high-performance tubes could be just as easily at home in a James Bond spy kit as it could in a Jules Verne rocket.


IN THE TUBE 100-350

Diameter : 100mm
Length : 370mm

Lampe In The Tube

IN THE TUBE 100-500

Diameter : 100mm
Length : 520mm

Lampe In The Tube

IN THE TUBE 120-700

Diameter : 120mm
Length : 720mm

Lampe In The Tube

IN THE TUBE 120-1300

Diameter : 120mm
Length : 1320mm

Lampe In The Tube


D.P. “DCW publishes designer architects which have now disappeared with this appetite for vintage which relates to the imaginary, that is to say to objects that only bring happiness.”

G.L.P. “What we like about DCW éditions is their passion for objects that express the joy of living and which allow one to escape to other horizons, simply by looking at them.”

D.P. “DCW éditions noticed that we have been working for years with industrial tubes, they are actually present in many of my realisations, we correct them so that they form part of an architectural project as these are present in factories, nuclear power or petrochemical plants. Just as we turn away from metal weaves or stainless steel braids which cover high voltage power cables. That has always been our language.”

G.L.P. “We try to give another dimension to these slightly harsh materials, we make them amiable. DCW éditions, who wished to change the lighting starting from the tubes, understood this and that is why they asked us to think of a model more suitable for the home, a model which could be used for bed headboards or for a suspension in the dining room, the idea was to render a tube domestic by introducing it in the world of decoration.”

D.P.“We started with a lambda tube as is supplied by many manufacturers, after this we designed the end-caps because the closure is quite sophisticated as it has a metal collar which is transformed in a ring with a rubber hood. Generally, what makes a light is what we put into it! Ours is fitted with a bulb with a new generation of LED filaments, which can easily be replaced and the interior has a half-moon reflector and a metal mesh so that it can spread the light.”

G.L.P. “This time, the mesh is of a smaller scale, it’s almost a net, it’s in stainless steel, brass or copper so as to achieve three different yellows. Just as in architecture, the mesh acts as a filter to break the light. The drawing boards provided DCW éditions for execution also achieved as an architectural plan, the designer subsequently adapted the object to the connection and to the security standards in order to offer maximum comfort to the public as a whole. To summarize, all these technologies are industrial. However, the assembly relates very much to craft.”




In The Tube is edited by DCW éditions.
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